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She was a bit of a coward, as she always teleported when Tsurugi attacks her15:00 Ultraman Mebius & Ultraman Brothers [1/6] 12 months ago 976 views Arsenal[edit]Tetsuro Ban (, Ban Tetsur?) He was the captain of Spacecraft ArandasJustice: The Final Battle (2003) Ultra N Project film ULTRAMAN (THE NEXT) (2004) Mebius films Mebius & Ultra Brothers (2006) Super Ultra 8 BrosHer students cried when she left, but she felt that being a part of GUYS would be the best way for her to be able to protect all of the children that she once taughtWere he to not participate in GUYS, he would probably have become a doctor in his father's hospitalHe was an excellent scientist who belonged to Space Science Technology Bureau

The story serve as a prologue to the 2009 Ultra Series movie, Mega Monster Battle: Ultra GalaxyBut before the Serpentian can destroy the base, Hinode regained control of her body and helped fight off the Serpentian invasion forceGun Crusader MX (, Gan Kuruseid Emu Ekkusu?) Makes its first appearance in episode 49It has WISE (Wing In Surface Effect) Cruising function which can glide through the seas' surface and can dive to 100mCommanding officer of the Silver Crusaders, a medical support team for the Space GarrisonGun Loader (G-LDR) (, Gan Rd?) A multiuse heavy fighter jet11:51 Ultraman Mebius Episode 2 [2/2] 3 years ago 6891 views Equipment[edit]He entered the Ultra Zone where he was killed before they could reach Earth

11:54 Ultraman Dyna Episode 5 [2/2] 3 years ago 21323 views 40:33 7 Hari Mencintaiku episod 2 5 months ago 184 views The story took place after the finale episode of the seriesThe resulting explosion covered the entire island that they were on, but Mebius and a dying Tsurugi managed to escape before a force field that CREW GUYS set up earlier to contain the explosion could trap them insideMarina won the motorcycle world championship after episode 50It premiered on the Tokyo Broadcasting System on April 8, 2006His son was killed when they entered the Ultra Zone in their spacecraftUltraman Mebius Side Story: Armored Darkness (2008) - The second side story, separated into two parts and sold in DVD release04:06 Moment of Zen Episod 2 1 years ago 603 views 12:01 Ultraman Nexus Episode 36 [1/2] 4 years ago 2284 views 856daf6e11
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